Monday, October 4, 2010

Last week before take-off

So, we are going into the last week before leaving for Nepal on Saturday. It's coming so close now! 

I managed to do all the last minute shopping (pacthes for blisters, creme for burns, scratches, paracetemol, etc.) I have retrieved the binoculars from the drawer, the cameras, the chargers, the woollen underwear, sprayed the hiking boots... 
Still need to pick up Diamox at the pharmacy, but then I think we're all sorted. I'm looking forward to going - it will be such a great experience. The mountains and the people who live there are so beautiful - I can't wait for Mark to experience it all...and at the same time, I'm a little nervous; the trek will be quite tough and we're not exactly in good shape at the moment, so we have to trust our stubbornness and will power to get us where we're going. I hope we won't suffer from altitude sickness, but you can never be sure whether the altitude will affect you or not - even if you have previously been at similar heights.

All the donation money = € 2910 in total! has been transferred to VIN: (Thank you to everyone for your kind donations!)
They are going to build toilets for the kids at an ECDC (Early Childhood Development Center) 
It feels good to know that they money which was donated is going to something useful and that I will be able to see it first-hand. 

6 more days...