Sunday, December 12, 2010

6 seconds of free falling...

of my own free will... I even paid for it!

Saturday morning very early we were a couple of volunteers who jumped on a bus to go near the Tibetan border to do bungy jumping and canyon swinging. The latter is similar to bungy jumping except the cord is attached to your waist - not your ankles, and after taking the step into the 160 metres of air below you when the cord tightens, you will be swinging back and forth a couple of times instead of up and down.
Yes, it is damn scary! And yes they must earn loads and loads on the DVD you can buy afterwards...But once I was back with ground under my feet I was very tempted to sign up for a second swing (which is a third of the price of the first swing, and so is the third; the fourth is FREE!), but didn't. However, having thought about it again, I will HAVE to come back to do a second swing but jumping with my back facing the river. A Finnish girl swore it was so much better than facing the river since you don't have to worry about the cord in front of you and your hands are free...I definitely want to try that! WOOHOO!!!

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