Saturday, December 4, 2010

Candlelight Dinners

I’ve had a few candlelight dinners with the family in the village, but unlike Amsterdam it wasn’t for a romantic reason; it was a practical one as Nepal is under load shedding – a nicer way to say electricity cuts. Around 90% of Nepal’s power comes from hydroelectricity. Much, however, is exported to India and China. Electricity is rationed across Kathmandu, shifting from district to district every eight hours or so. But it is an amazing sky at night when there’s no light. You can see thousands of stars dotted on the black night sky – something that we’re not used to in Amsterdam.

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  1. Nature sometimes is a most wonderful thing. It also makes us realise that we do take an awful lot in life for granted. It does sometimes have it's plus side to see nature at it's best.Lots of love from us allxxxx