Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bingo Curriculum

A dear friend of mine suggested to play bingo with the kids - this enhances their listening skills which together with speaking skills is something that is not practiced much in Nepal. The kids LOOOOOVE bingo! (Thanks for the tip, Loa!) Every morning, the kids will shout "miss, miss, 1-2-BINGO!!" So I promise that we will play bingo, but first we have to do simple additions. Most of the children are starting to understand how to add 2 to 3, 5 to 1, etc. I'm so proud of them. As a reward for doing math, we play bingo (and practice matching the numbers to whatever numbers I'm calling out. I would love to do this with images - like ball, monkey, etc. or maybe I'll even try writing down the words to see if there's any recognition on the children's part.
Yes, next week I'll try to do word bingo I think and see how that works out...

We also practiced body parts and did a little yes-or-no game to check if they would remember which were which. I'd line up the pupils next to each other behind an invisible line and point to my nose and ask: "Is this a nose?" Since the correct answer to this was yes, they would all jump one step forward. If I pointed to my nose and asked: "Is this a leg?" They would have to stay on the spot and not move. We continued this little game until everyone knew where the nose was located...

Another absolute HIT is the song/dance BOOGIE-WOOGIE which is the Danish name for Hokey-Pokey...but I think Boogie Woogie sounds more fun and the kids are ecstatic when we do this one! They also love "the Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round..." and hopefully they will be able to sing it by themselves by the time I leave. At the moment, it's mostly Sarita and I singing, but I'm sure they will learn soon.

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  1. Sorry you have not been receiving my comments I did not wait until they went through. Mike watched me tonight and said I have to be more patiant. Ann you are born to be a teacher, something to think about. Using colour and numbers together is a good one it makes it intresting. It is always important to reward them. I feel sure you are doing all this. I can send things from school if you let me know what you want.Write instructions extra out for you. You sound like you are having an enjoyable and great experience time if your Beps was with you. Take care love you lots.