Friday, November 19, 2010

From Break to Breakthrough!

So yesterday as we we were getting ready for our daily warm-up which consists of a couple of songs with clapping, stomping, etc - you get the idea, 3 of the boys started drawing triangle, circle, square on the whiteboard! I was sooooo happy!!! They had finally understood it! (It did take some perseverance from both pupils and teacher though, but it paid off in the end! :) That was a very rewarding moment.
Having accomplished the shapes, we went on to colors, but they already knew all the colors, so we will continue with body parts next week as well as small sentences. The children and the teaching are definitely growing on me... :)

We had our monthly volunteer meeting this morning, which was a nice opportunity to discuss how things are going with everyone - what is good and what can be improved.
Also, we shortly touched upon sponsorship program of children which has been slightly neglected lately as there is nobody appointed to look after this full-time. So on Sunday I will have a meeting with the director and another volunteer to discuss sponsorship and fund raising strategies. Should be interesting. It is a tricky thing - how do you reach people - how do you make sure that people know they can trust this organization, etc.
Also, what do you do if a sponsor withdraws his or her sponsorship? VIN feels an obligation to continue the sponsoring otherwise the impact will not be as intended. Where do you get the money from to continue? How do you approach companies? Or schools? Youth clubs?

Would love to hear your input if you have any ideas?

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  1. Mike and I were at the excetive cub meeting the other day and we said that we would like any charitable eventmoney to go to Nepal and they fully agreed as that is something Mike and I feel passionate about.We are also going to have a talent contest in the summer and all funds raised go to Nepal. Ann just need details on your return. I will however like you to talk to cubs and scouts about your travels and the school.Let me know what you think when you get back. We are counting the days. I think Mark is trying to keep sane but is finding it hard Bless him!! Take care love youxxx