Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leading by example...

One other challenge at school is that the teachers don't lead by example; e.g when the bell rings (or when the woman (who makes lunch and tea for the teachers and who unlocks the doors to the classrooms in the morning) sounds the gong, the kids are expected to go to the classrooms - and of course, so are the teachers. They, however, will often sit for another 10 min.talking and laughing, and then lazily wander to their respective classrooms. It sends the message that the teachers do not really value punctuality - but they still expect it from the students.
The other day, a little boy entered the classroom crying and said something in Nepali. I didn't understand what he was saying, but his earlobe was swollen and bleeding and I immediately took him to the health post - which, unfortunately was closed. Then I went back to the school to fetch one of the other teachers and within minutes there were 3 teachers and the lunch woman around me and the boy. The lunch woman bent down, took a scrap of dirty dusty newspaper - blew the dust away and started to remove the blood from the boy's ear. "No, no, no", I shouted, " - we need iodine or some other disinfectant". Luckily, they had iodine at the school, but no plaster, so I ran home as quickly as I could and got my little first aid kit.
When I went to dress the ear, 2 teachers were hunched over me and the boy as well as 20 curious kids. The teachers waved the kids away to give me more space - however, THEY kept standing there IN MY WAY, so I had to ask them to move as well. I guess it also has to do with the authority they seem to claim over the kids - I don't even want to go into them hitting the children and pinching the kids' ears really hard.

And the other day, it was apparently time to burn some trash - at least they sort of collect garbage in a big metal bin at the school and to get rid of the trash, they burn it. I looked out of the window to see if I could see where the smell came from and saw ALL of the teachers looking at the burning trash...amazing...For about 15-20 min, I think, there were NO teachers in the classrooms...

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  1. Teaching that way would never do over here and certainly not in the British School. It is very important to have structure and order because that gives a happier and secure feeling to any child.Well done on your first aid. I do not know not only do they not have the cheap things to use but they teaching on how to use the correct things.No teaching staff with the children does not give the children a good education. Bit of a time waister. Well done darling Ann you are brill, I think you will be needed in more schools not just this one.
    Love you take care and speak soon.xxxxx